Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light (PC)

Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light
Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light
The “FullDive Novel”: Visual Novels meets Virtual Reality in this ultimate immersive reading experience. With character dialogue voiced by high-profile voice actors, and illustrated pages turning into 360-degree VR animated scenes, you will be absorbed in the story, and feel as one with the protagonist. “When you step into this forest, you lose one memory…” Innocent Forest is fantasy story about a girl called Luclei and the memories of her visitors. The forest of lost memories: a place where they say you can forget one painful occurrence. Kei, (voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi) a young man lost in the forest, encounters a mysterious girl named Luclei (voiced by Rina Hidaka) who lives among the woods and gathers a flock of birds. It is through these birds the past, present and future of lost memories unfolds.


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