Cove Point Fun Center VR (PC)

Have you ever wanted to own your very own fun center complete with bowling alley, mini golf, VR arcade, escape room, arcade and many other fun things to do? Or, perhaps you just like fun centers. If you answered yes to owning one but don’t have millions of dollars to buy one, or answered yes to just liking to go to them but don't want to go out of your house, what is the next best thing (and cheapest option)? Having it in virtual reality! I couldn’t find a game that fit my wants in a fun center type game so I created my own to share with the world! There is so much fun to be had in Cove Point Fun Center VR.

Full game of 10 pin bowling
12 hole pirate themed outdoor minigolf, set on a tropical beach and inside a pirate cave
Escape Room Experience – ever wanted to feel trapped and required to discover a way to escape your enclosure in which you are stuck inside? If not, give it a try anyways. A short escape room experience.
Shooting basketball arcade game
Skee-Ball game
Drum set - A working drum set. Grab the drum sticks and make some noise! Or play along with songs from the jukebox.
Guitar – strum some random chords on a guitar like a real rockstar (that's how the pros all play right?)
VR Arcade with one VR mini game – play a futuristic VR racquetball type game called Space Pong VR by putting on the VR-arcade's VR headset while already in VR (VR-ception?).
Whiteboard – use your mad art skills in VR by grabbing the markers and going crazy on the white board.
Jukebox with many songs – don’t like what’s playing go ahead and change the song yourself. Don’t like any of the choices? Go ahead and shut it off entirely.
Have a therapeutic relaxing time by chilling on the beach listening to the ocean waves hit up against the sandy beach all while hitting golf balls into the tropical blue waters.
Go into the ocean, beneath the waves, to see the tropical life swimming around you.
Play around with objects just as you would in real life. Most everything that would be interactable in real life is interactable in this game.
Grab the fire extinguisher and blast it around
Use the restroom! Don’t forget to wash and dry your hands
Turn off the lights – just because you can
Grab a free soda from the vending machine, then proceed to build a giant tower with them and then knock it over with a bowling ball
Many other things to interact with, grab and throw around. Just like we all do in real life: like grabbing our computers and chucking them across the room.
Motion controllers are required to play.


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