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The Hive

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Noviembre 16, 2017

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Hello NewBEE. Queen Beatrix is about to test your skills at being a productive member of The Hive. You were hatched an urban worker bee, so get ready to embark on an endless runner commute to collect pollen and nectar through the park, streets, rooftops and subway in a city that never sleeps. How far can you fly through fifty levels of fun? Catch one of four power-ups to speed up your journey, but watch out for urban hazards that will knock you out of the game. Beware that pesky bee keeper who wants you back in the hive to get you working on making the honey. Be sure to pay close attention to the facts of life for they will help you earn extra nectar along the way. Remember, there are tens of thousands of bees in a hive so keep an eye on that leaderboard and strive to be the most prosperous one!


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