Bygone Worlds: Ephesus (PC)

2,000 years ago, Ephesus served as a lively centre of trade, connecting the cultures of Europe and Asia Minor. Sail on ancient seas, explore unknown worlds, and witness one of the world’s most important ancient sites. Experience it now!

Lithodomos VR has painstakingly recreated ancient Ephesus, allowing you to step back in time and explore the city in all of its original splendour and glory. You are a sailor in the 2nd Century AD, and your mission is to deliver precious goods - but your ship is off course, and you must first steer it safely into the harbour. Be careful along the way: piracy is well known in the Roman world.

This Lithodomos VR experience is not just engaging and entertaining, but is a valuable educational tool of great historical significance. Every detail has been researched and approved and is backed-up by archaeological evidence. If you can’t travel to Turkey, or travel back in time, then this is the most important cultural experience you can have.


Lithodomos VR


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