VR Mahjong worlds (PC)

No matter you are mahjong master or beginner, this game will be your best choice!
Creative design solid 3D mahjong levels, simple game rule, suitable for everyone!
It’s transformed from the traditional matching game and brings relaxing experience to players in 3D way.
Be a master and search for all the paired cubes and eliminate them!

Game features:

- Classic and 3D style levels.
- Optional you can use both controller in same time to remove the tiles.
- Rotate, move and zoom the board.
- Teleporting around the board for find the best viewpoint.
- It’s a simple puzzle game which is suitable for any players.
- Auto hint and shuffle function

How to play:

Choose two identical mahjong to pair and remove, only their left or right side are empty can be chosen.
You can use your controllers zoom in, zoom out or rotate and move the objects. it will reshuffle when no tile can be paired.
After you remove all mahjong tiles, the level is complete. You can teleport in the scene.


PixelBrain Studio