Wings of Peace VR: DayBreak (PC)

The game was set in a small oil town in 2021, game player plays a special team captain, led the stunt special team, against the evil organization, sneaking into the peaceful town, destroying terrorists in the town.

Function introduction:
1. equipped with innovation, AI no longer fight alone
Different from the traditional FPS shooting game in single combat boring, the biggest bright spot is that in the game to game player with a AI team, the level of the enemy is set in AI, after being hit will take measures to prevent their death, such as looking for shelter, to hide the obstacles, covering fire etc..
Game opening, players can choose different teammates to help fight, teammates are made into the hands of players cards. Players can crawl and put on the map, layout defensive points, so that AI teammates into battle, and then through the shooting and props reasonable use, destroy the enemy, win victory.
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2. levels set different style scenes
The use of unreal engines to create top-level visual effects, so that the battle picture is more realistic, different levels of combat experience is also different.
After each hurdle, the enemy will have points accumulated, after the clearance can use points to buy updated equipment.Intimate game shops let your fighting power go to the next level

3. incarnate the Savior experience the thrill of the matrix
The game joined the "bullet time" set, once the game player hit the enemy and complete the headshot, will automatically receive bullet time effects, enjoy the ultimate pleasure of hacker empire. If you shoot correctly, you can't stop completely.
In the game there are a variety of props can be used, in the face of a large number of the enemy, perhaps a grenade would be better!

Have confidence in your marksmanship, you must try!


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