Experience Quran (Android)

Experience Quran
Experience Quran
Have you ever imagined the stories and miracles of the Holy Quran while reading them? Well, imagine this: you now get to live and experience these incredible stories while exploring their every detail brought to life.

From the company that brought you "Experience Makkah", now brings you another incredible VR project: Experience Quran. The experience introduces the miracles and awe-inspiring stories of the Holy Quran using immersive, 360-degreed and storytelling techniques.

"Elephant Year” follows the story of Abraha Al-Ashram, the oppressive King of Yemen, when he led a large army of vicious soldiers and elephants to attack the holy city of Makkah in order to destroy Al Ka’aba.

Once you put the gear on, you will be faced with Abraha sitting on his throne, declaring war against Makkah to demolish the holy house of worship, Al Ka’aba, as a way of claiming the pilgrims’ congregate at Al-Qulais - a house of worship he had built himself - instead of at Al Ka`bah.