The Broken Seal (PC)

The Broken Seal is a game designed for virtual reality, and supports HTC VIVE devices.

The ancient seals have been broken, the forces of evil greedily devour everything, and the world needs heroes to save it.

Key Features

◆ The game uses voice control technology, you can use your real voice to manipulate magic skills in virtual reality environment, and experience the charm of magic world.

◆ In this VR world, you are not alone, you can risk your partner with multiplayer, or you can summon a pet to fight side by side with you.

◆ You can learn dozens of different magic skills, each of which has different spells and effects, and as you grow, you can constantly strengthen their power.

◆ In fighting against the forces of evil, you will get all kinds of weapons, equipment and other spoils of war, and the rational use of them will make you stronger.

◆ Vast areas, such as forests, monuments, snow capped mountains, deserts, etc, all of these regions make up this magical world.


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