Morgan lives in a Rocket House in VR (PC)

MORGAN LIVES IN A ROCKET HOUSE is an animated kids show about Morgan, a kid marooned on an alien planet light years from Earth. It follows the adventures of Morgan and his best friend Elliot as they play and have fun in the happy little village Morgan’s ship crashed into many years ago.

MORGAN LIVES IN A ROCKET HOUSE in VR is home to Morgan’s first VR episode: PAPER PILOTS. Morgan and Elliot want to fly planes but they know they can’t because they're just little kids. Maybe they can make paper planes instead! But um… they can’t remember how. Hopefully someone can teach them.FEATURES
PAPER PILOTS: The first VR episode of MORGAN LIVES IN A ROCKET HOUSE (running Time: 4 minutes).TELEPORTING: Jump around the village after the show, or re-watch the cartoon from different positions.SIZE MODES: Watch the cartoon from different perspectives. Watch as a giant in Giant mode, watch as an ant in Ant mode, or just watch as a normal in Normal mode.PLAYBACK CONTROLS: Stop, Pause, Scene Select. These controls are often missing from linear-narrative VR experiences.GRAPHICS CONTROLS: Crank the resolution multiplier if you’re rocking a GTX 1080, or dial it down a little if you need to.

If you’re into it, check out Morgan and Elliot’s flat screen adventures on YouTube!


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Fold Up Studios