West Gangs (Android)

West Gangs
West Gangs
Get ready to compete against other players in a multiplayer showdown game!
Defeat other players in 1v1 or through stand-offs.
Your opponents reflect other player attributes and statistics.
Pick bounties, hire other players in your own gang, and defeat other outlaws through quick-draw duels.
Earn money and climb the ladder to become the most wanted outlaw of the week and earn exclusive gear.
Chill in the saloon and pick among a full set of weapons , revolvers, shotguns, rifles to match your play style.

The deadlier you get, the higher the bounty is on your head !
Only the best gunslingers survive and walk their way through the fame of the Old West.
Other players can also choose to hire you in their gangs, and pay for your contribution during their duels.
Are you ready to become the most wanted and richest outlaw of the West Gangs community ?


CHOU Entertainment SAS