ZhanDou (PC)

Zhandou is a MOBA style combat game with a unique fighting system that allows almost unlimited freedom to fight how you and your team choose too.
Players will do battle in a unique environment that belongs to Chinese mythological realms. Zhandou will be the first game based on Chinese ancient civilization and mythology that can be playing on the VR platform and PC monitor without VR glasses.
The first version of ZhanDou game has four different heroes. Each hero has different skills.
There are red and blue teams in the battle when you spawned.
Each team has same base /crystal behind the guard Tower.
When the battle begins .Players need to destroy the guard Tower first and then destroy the crystal to win the war.
Except common functions above. The ZhanDou game have Several monsters assist in your attack. each monsters have red and blue colors. You should kill enemy monsters as much to earn the points and full the energy bar.
When the energy bar has full. Your team will get two huge mechas. each mechas also has different skills. Then you can driving the mecha to destroy the guard Tower easier.




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