The Relentless (PC)

WE WANT YOU. Visit your local recruitment station for the opportunity to join the elite inter-galactic guards known as The Relentless. Prove your reflexes, agility, accuracy and stamina in a test where you decide how hard you’re willing to push yourself. Climb the leaderboards, unlock all the achievements, be relentless and join the best.

The room-scale action arcade challenge

The challenges take place on a high platform, shaped to suit your individual needs. Expect to shoot, duck, dodge, jump, punch and move around all of your available space (1.5m x 1.5m minimum area). Unlock 36 achievements over 3 challenges for the right to be known as a member of The Relentless.

2:00 to score as many points as you can, with the ability to earn bonus time. Use boosts to increase the challenge and available points.

Hits to hands disable lasers, a head strike ends the challenge. The game gets increasingly difficult.

Endless play, until you decide to stop. Use as part of your VR fitness workout. Change the difficulty level while playing to tailor your workout.


Acción Casual indie


Brett Jackson


Steam Oculus

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Octubre 24, 2017

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