Fruit for the Village (PC)

Build a thriving garden to feed a starving village in this VR production game about hope, peace, and fruit. Optimize your gardens production to continually provide fruit so the nearby Village doesn't starve. Use harvested fruit to expand your garden with larger plots and auto-growers. Adapt your garden to the changing events of the village and produce enough fruit before the village supply runs out.

Fruit for the Village is a game set in the future, in a world torn apart by climate change and war. Out in the desert, small villages struggle to survive in the harsh environment. These villages work towards creating a normal way of life, or at least finding a new place they can call home. Follow the story of one of these ordinary villages. Their chance for a better life relies on you.

Story mode
Build and optimize your garden to adapt to the ever changing story of the village.

Survival Mode
Focus on your optimization skills, providing sustenance to the village for as long as you can.

A colorful, vibrant environment.
Built almost entirely in VR! You probably don't care about that, but we're proud of it.

Built for VR
Built for the ground up for VR, for a better VR experience.




Eerie Bear Games


Eerie Bear Games