VRMakingSense (PC)

Visualize and understand concepts.

This app is pretty simple - if you are familiar with CRC ( Class Responsibility Collaborator ) - this app takes this idea and brings it to virtual reality.

The main design goal of this app is to keep it super simple and low friction. Think "Nodepad" as opposed to "WordPad" or "Word".Features Easily add "Elements" using PC input field ( One item per line )
Drag and drop "Element" in VR using controllers.
Position of "Elements" is saved ( as well as the list ).
See Early Access info for more planned features.Design goals Small and simple
Very easy to use, low friction, no confusing interactions
30 seconds from idea/desire to "doing"
Use strengths of keyboard ( flat ) world and VR
Sharable with others


Greg Dziemidowicz