Ode to the Dead Sea (Android)

Ode to the Dead Sea
Ode to the Dead Sea
Ode to the Dead Sea is a Virtual Reality Photography Game, It’s a lament to the Dead Sea based on the ecological disaster that it’s going through, which is caused by men.

The goal of the game is to take the best photos possible of animals and landscape.
At the end of the game a gallery with all your pictures gives you more details about the pictures you took.

The player’s journey starts in a joyful Judean Desert mountain landscape, populated by the lovely local animals. The player is a tourist who patrol the area and take photos. The player can interact with the animals, either for the pure joy of it, or to create the perfect scenario for his photos.

As the tourist route continues and approaches the shore of the Dead Sea the tone of the game is getting darker, the shore is destroyed and populated with big black ravens. The sea dries up, wide sinkholes are widening and creating an unstable environment.

The Dead Sea is dying.


Shiri Blumenthal


Ido Adler