Fragments (PC)

Fragments is a multiplayer experiment in virtual reality.

In Fragments 2 players fight each other to save their planet.

The first player has a virtual reality headset and play an explorator sent to another planet to harvest some fragments that will ultimately help his to save his planet. The second player use a classic computer and play a spirit with a top-down view. To protect his planet the latter has to prevent the explorator to plunder his planet ressources.

This project has been developed by a team of 5 students in “Maîtrise en Création Numérique” at the UQAT (University of Québec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue) fond of virtuality and imaginary inside the new technologies.

Fragments has also been produced as part of a research-creation. Our research problematic is : “Through different immersive technologies, how multiplayer interaction affects the degree of virtuality”. The project goal’s is to question the place of imaginary and technology in the creation of virtuality.

A game made by: Tom Clech, Rémi Duriez, Marie Guittard, Marwan Sekkat, Romain Sepulchre.


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Noviembre 9, 2017

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