Cursed Isles (PC)

Welcome to Cursed Isles...a PC and VR bundle! Ready to test your skills as a swashbuckling pirate captain? Set in the Caribbean in the early 1700’s, you are a pirate rum runner. These islands have plenty of bounty for the taking but they be cursed! In this single-player versus AI RPG, you start surrounded in your very own pirate lair.

In your first mission, you will grab a sword and test your talent by swashbuckling to fight off the cursed inhabitants in first person (VR) or third person (PC) views. Explore the exotic island and gather materials that you will need to create your prized possession – RUM! Ready to captain your very own ship? Test your ship battling skills by firing cannons against enemy NPC pirates and forts that seek to take your fortune! If you are skilled and full of heart you could be the Rum King of the Caribbean!

This is an action filled single-player versus AI RPG with ship combat, swashbuckling and environment exploration all in one. Designed for VR while always considering the PC experience as well, neither mode will leave you disappointed.


Disgruntled Games LLC