Ancient Amuletor (PC)

Ancient Amuletor
Ancient Amuletor
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In the game, players can choose from different classes of Amuletors, as the peacekeeper of the magical world, each class has a unique game play style and skill system. The storylines in Ancient Amuletor mirror several age-old civilizations, from Egypt to Rome and beyond, allowing players to visit spectacular landscapes in amazing lands and fight against powerful enemies and bosses that only exist in legends.


You can choose from a wide range of hero classes including an archer, gunner, mage and puppeteer - each with their own specific set of controls and skills.

Control each hero with the Touch controller for the very immersive and realistic feeling on their weapons and skills.
Team up with your friends, the game supports up to three players at once in all levels!

Full body IK technology gives you the ability to see your full body in VR!







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Ancient Amuletor (PlayStation 4)

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