Sky Duel (Android)

Sky Duel
Sky Duel
So, you are in the future and participate in the battle of cyborgs throwing combat disks, and your task is to destroy the enemy.
Move your hands to throw the disc and move your body to evade enemy disks! Choose a position and shuffle between the platforms. Just be careful - any careless step and you can fall off the platform.
Target and send the disc directly to the enemy. Defend yourself by discarding the opponent's disc and go back into battle!

This game was designed to showcase full body control by VicoVR sensor but can be played in a more relaxed manner with simple HMD tilt control (if you do not have VicoVR sensor).
VicoVR sensor is the World’s first wireless 3D sensor for Mobile VR bringing your full body into Mobile virtual reality without PC or wearable sensors.
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3DiVi Company


3DiVi Company