PaperLander Demo (Android)

PaperLander Demo
PaperLander Demo
PaperLander is a fragile rocket made out of - you guessed it - paper. He lives in PaperGalaxy, a low gravitational fantasy world far far away, made mostly out of paper too.

But now the Galaxy is in danger. A Space Storm is approaching and threatens to tear it apart. Only one thing can stop the Storm: The Great Anti-Storm Ion Cannon! But it works only with Proto-Stars. And Proto-Stars are scattered in the Galaxy, across its many Sectors. These Sectors are connected by a network of teleporters that activate upon landing. PaperLander's mission is to find and collect those Stars, pass through the Sectors using the teleporters and bring them to the Anti-Storm Ion Cannon in time to save the Galaxy!

Build your own PaperLander here:


Please note that the game might run a bit slower on some Galaxy S7 phones due to low performance graphics chipsets on those devices.


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