Combat Instinct is a motion sensing first person fighting game originally designed for Virtual Reality Gaming experience. Actually punch, block, dodge and run(Using Stand-Still Arm Swinging) in this game, face diversified enemies, and gather "Book of Revelation" items to unlock more of the gaming world.

FETURES:=== COMBAT INSTINCT IS ALL ABOUT INSTINCTIVE FIGHTING ===Run, throw punches, guard, and dodge in this game as you'll do in an actual fight. Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut and advanced attacks you'll acquire each has totally different impact on your enemies. Sometimes you can simply punish your opponents. Sometimes the fight can be tough, powerful enemies will appear, they've got their own skills and they will besiege you.

Punch like a fighter, think like a fighter. The love for adrenaline surge in the combat is in your nature, you just need to awake it.=== HUMAN POTENCY AND DIVERSIFIED COMBAT STYLES ===Human history went different when some of us unsealed the potency within. Transcenders, they are called. Ranger, Caster, Raider, Stunner, Basher, they evolve diversified combat styles on the basis of their unique understanding of what "potency" is.

What can a man become when he realized and mastered the real power that lies within him, How does transcending come to be, Why most of us is sealed for our lives and Who did this to us, the answers to all are remained to be revealed. Go find them in your own fight.=== DIVERSIFIED MAIN THREAD MISSIONS, ROUGE LIKE GAMING EXPERIENCE ===Hop into fatal events to reclaim key entries of "Book of Revelation". Orbital drop into space stations, planet bases, or unknown architectures, guard the cargo, recon the facility, rescue key hostage or occupy an Artifact. Each time you drop, it'll be one of the versions of the events in the multiverse, your enemy and your reclaimed entries will be different.=== CHALLENGE YOURSELF IN THE BABEL TOWER ===Face stronger and stronger enemies in the babel tower, one of the relic of the Forerunners. See whether or not you're one of the chosen fighters. A great secret of the world awaits you in the higher levels.=== RECLAIM THE BOOK OF REVELATION, FIND OUT ABOUT HUMAN'S DESTINY===Evolutionism is the biggest lie. Human potency has been sealed within their bodies all along, and now their very existence is under a huge threat.

Realized that we are doomed, The SEERS seek the power of the "Book of Revelation" to shield us from upcoming apocalypse. The key entries of the book are scattered in the multiverse, but all entries are in certain fatal events in human history.

Reveal secrets of "The Three Relics" and find out more. Fight your way to the truth. This is not a game about Drake, Rico or John. It's about you.

Come Save the Galaxy.


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