Temple of Aluxes (PC)

Have you ever wanted to explore a lost temple? This is your chance.
Find the treasures and escape the Temple of Aluxes by solving various puzzles and challenges.

Navigate through old ruins and face a variety of challenges. Look everywhere and leave no stone unturned.
Interact with your surroundings by examining objects to find what you need to get out. Can you find all the treasures and solve the puzzles to get out?Features:A variety of challenging puzzles with variyng difficulty.
Test yourself in both logic puzzles and skill-based challenges.
Large play area with several rooms to explore.
Randomized solutions to puzzles will let you enjoy the game more than once.
Immersive environment.
Room-scale support.
Teleportation support.


Aventura indie


Silver Machine Studios


Steam Oculus

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Octubre 25, 2017

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