Kartofank VR (PC)

read with slav accent (think Niko Belo from GTA4 or Boris-the-Blade from Snatch)

///KARTOFANK VR: Cyka-blyat
Move like wind
and be the KARTOSHKA!

You are from the city of Tankograd, working in a research lab as a "junior science officer" on next generation equipment. Your wife is a school teacher and your son goes to kindergarten. At your "NII ResearchLabs" every employee is required to collect as many potatoes from the vast borderless potato fields, in order to help comrades having it worse then you. Your job is to feed with world with potatoes.
Having access to unique VR equipment you've found a super efficient way to control potato gathering equipment remotely and increase potato production 1 000 000 000 fold. You decide to be the first test subject, and after being hooked up to the machine, you are sucked inside, becoming one with the Kartofank system. And now your joyrney begins...

Built from ground up for VR and the room-scale environment!
Immersive yourself in the potato-love environment.
Unique style, straight from the 5-stories of slav dwellings.
We make you feel great again!
Catch potatoes.
Proceduraly generated levels
Gradually increasing difficulty for full immersion into the music and setting
Unique algorithm for optimal movement challenge
Interact with levels
Funk music

More starch goodness
More levels to meet your potato-connoisseur needs
More minigames filled with unique humor and style
Squat lessons
Kinect connectivity