Doors of Silence - the prologue (Android)

Doors of Silence - the prologue
Doors of Silence - the prologue
From one of the best-known and more horrifying experiences for VR (best choice for Upload VR, GeorgeTown’s Gelardin Media Center and TheRiftArcade) that has collected millions of views on youtube, The Prologue was born as the first episode of a new horror saga: Doors of Silence.
Developed with Unreal Engine 4, DoS-The Prologue is an immersive survival horror for Gear VR, with stunning graphics and a long term gameplay featuring exploration, stealth, puzzles and interaction.

You wake up and find yourself in what looks like a nightmare. You have no recollection of where you are or who you are. Hide yourself from the evil entities and find out who you are and the secrets that lie in the underground bunkers and labs of this dark place.

WARNING: this game uses some JUMP SCARES


Blackbite Interactive