EMULATED: Pylons (Android)

EMULATED: Pylons is a true old school First Person Shooter where you can free roam the map to complete missions as an Anti Virus Unit operative in cyberspace.

Make sure that you have a gamepad before you download!
For more information about gamepads see http://emulated.southpac.co/controllers/

Game is set in the future when humanity exists in a cyberspace. As an operative you are assigned a mission to capture communication pylons in a city infested by Vektorbots.

Includes 6 missions with unique maps + Training mission.

- Story driven game
- Advanced, futuristic shooting
- 9 types of weapons with different characteristics
- Elements of quest
- Cyberpunk style graphics and environment
- Most remote bluetooth controllers supported

EMULATED: Pylons is the first of the EMULATED game series.

This game uses Southpac's VR FPS engine that minimizes the cybersicknes so you can finally walk and jump without teleporting.