BumpVR (Android)

The wait is over! Now you can enjoy that classic arcade feeling of playing Bumper Cars wherever you want, whenever you want. Bumper Cars in VR takes it to the next level and with several unique challenging maps you’ll never get bored.

Whether it’s Survival-mode on high intensity or Time-Round on rookie, you’ll truly get that real Bumper Car experience… I mean its Bumper Cars in virtual reality, does it get any better?
Now come on and hop into the one car where you don’t need that road etiquette!

Key Features:

• Several unique maps, each one more challenging than the last.
• Multiple game modes with endless excitement.
• Wide variety of bumper car skins to choose from.
• Various levels of difficulty that will leave you stumped.
• Updates on the way with plenty of new content.


Bubble Tech Inc


Bubble Tech Inc