Cloudborn (PC)

Early Access NoteHi! Cloudborn is in Early Access. There will be some bugs and some weird stuff. We would love to have your feedback and ideas along for the ride making Cloudborn the best possible game. Thank you for your support!Game DescriptionCloudborn is a VR exploration/adventure and climbing-focused game for the HTC VIVE and the Oculus Rift. Waking up alone in a ruined world, the player must explore the remnants of a lost civilization and uncover the truth of its fate.Main Features A serene, bright yet mysterious setting.
Climbing with momentum:
Scale buildings, cliffs and vegetation to find your way through the remains of a broken world. Unique momentum-system allows skilled players to throw themselves between handholds to climb faster.
Non-violent gameplay:
Cloudborn is not a violent game, instead focusing on exploration and the challenge of traversing the world and finding a way to "cleanse" it.
Colorful aesthetics:
Cloudborn has a bright, colorful art-style inspired by Miyazaki movies and watercolors.


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