Where's Om Nom? (Android)

Where's Om Nom?
Where's Om Nom?
Oh no! Om Nom broke the portal in Professor’s laboratory and fell into it! Follow him into the unknown, explore gorgeous 3D environments and try to find the cute green creature from the world-famous Cut the Rope games. Enjoy the innovative transition of your favorite character from 2D to 3D in this unique VR experience!
* 5 breathtaking worlds to explore in 360°: from prehistorical forest to the future city and even Mars!
* Innovative hidden object mechanics: try to catch Om Nom and tame him by feeding candies, then find all objects on the level to fix the portal and return home.
* Randomly generated tasks in changing environment: try to spot 3D objects under different perspectives, find Om Nom in the darkness and use your hi-tech flashlight to see through things on the level.
* Cuteness overload: watch Om Nom’s adorable reactions to your actions and surrounding locations!
Please note: Gear VR Controller is required to play the game.