Dronihilation (PC)

Fighting drones have taken over the entire galaxy. Dronihilators are the last resistance of man kind.
Prepare for battle and take the challenge of sharpening your target shooting skill to become the ultimate Dronihilator!

The Arena
Represents the place where you will train in order to gain the experience necessary in order to face the real threats. This room represents just a simulation so don't you worry, your life is not threatened, yet...

The Weapons
You will be equipped with the main weapons of a Dronihilator: two laser guns that are capable of neutralizing the enemy with just a single well placed shot. Despite their powerful shot, the main weakness is the fact that a cooldown time is necessary after each gunfire.

The Enemies
Their army consists of different types of drones, each having a different behavior.

The Competition
Prove your fighting skill by killing as many enemies as possible and gain a spot in the Top 10 Elite Dronihilators!

How long will you survive?


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