Hailstorm (PC)

Hailstorm is a multiplayer-focused sci-fi shooter designed for VR, with a focus on agile locomotion and gameplay customization. Players enter battle equipped with electrical body armor, wrist-mounted rocket thrusters, a wingsuit, up to 4 weapons, and 4 grenades. Custom game variants allow for nearly everything to be tweaked to create a wide range of gameplay from insane, high speed aerial combat to slow and careful tactical scenarios. User generated maps are fully supported and can be created in Unreal Editor and downloaded from Steam Workshop.

Walk with the thumbpad and use one of several VR oriented locomotion methods to sprint. Tweak speeds and efficacy to dial in on whatever sort of mobility you prefer.
Perform skillful aerial maneuvers using a unique full body locomotion system designed around motion controls
Fully ambidextrous weapon controls and a forgiving reload mechanic allow for smooth dual wielding of anything, assuming you can control for recoil.
Weapons spawn on maps and are fully swappable. Want to spawn with shotguns and have only rockets and snipers on the map? You can do that!
Prepare yourself for live battle by fighting multiplayer bots and shooting aliens in single player mode
This game is still in development, but the current version contains:
3 base game modes; Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the flag. All modes are highly customizable.
8 distinct weapons and 2 types of grenades
2 multiplayer maps and 1 single player mission







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