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Septiembre 15, 2017

SOs compatibles


HMDs compatibles

Forma de juego

DUELEUM is an action game that fights enemies by making full use of magic and sword.
Let's survive using various techniques.

 - Features 1: Charge
By maintaining a certain posture, the charge will be activated.
Sword skill and magic to activate depending on the position and charge time are different.
 - Features 2: Sword technique
Sword skill is a powerful attack.
Sword skill can play the enemy 's attack.
 - Features 3: Magic
You can make magic team with the left controller joystick.
Magic has a wide range and can damage many enemies.
 - Features 4: Guard
Reduce damage by applying armor to ordinary attacks and skills of enemies.
 - Features 5: Parry & Break
Attacking an attack of a certain power during enemy attack and defense, the enemy is greatly frightened.
※ These functions may be modified at the early access stage without notice.




nohoho (Individual)




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