DUELEUM is an action game that fights enemies by making full use of magic and sword.
Let's survive using various techniques.

 - Features 1: Charge
By maintaining a certain posture, the charge will be activated.
Sword skill and magic to activate depending on the position and charge time are different.
 - Features 2: Sword technique
Sword skill is a powerful attack.
Sword skill can play the enemy 's attack.
 - Features 3: Magic
You can make magic team with the left controller joystick.
Magic has a wide range and can damage many enemies.
 - Features 4: Guard
Reduce damage by applying armor to ordinary attacks and skills of enemies.
 - Features 5: Parry & Break
Attacking an attack of a certain power during enemy attack and defense, the enemy is greatly frightened.
※ These functions may be modified at the early access stage without notice.




nohoho (Individual)



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Septiembre 15, 2017

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