One dollar Ads world (PC) offers a wide range of ways to enjoy VR, all in one app. First VR world with real quests.

Explore one of the biggest VR space ever. Try to find something unusual by doing some action. After you find some encrypted messages, decrypt it ( it could be some email address or some actions to do).
Use all subject in VR world to find hidden messages. Play in all inbuild games.
[b]Discover Humans and companies stories[/b]

Our app will be updated weekly with new in build games and best VR technologies special for you.

3d Painting

Use your right controller to paint something in 3d. Hold trigger to paint something.

Try to shoot. it's fun. Pick up Longbow by pressing Grip Button. Take arrows from the yellow cube by pressing trigger button.

Gun shooting

Pick up the gun pressing Grip Button. Shoot by pressing trigger button.

Play on drums
Have you ever felt your self as a part of any band? You can try it here for free.
Use Grip Button to pick up sticks. Play on drums.

Radio control car
Use Trackpad button to control the car.


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