Crashimals (PC)

The Kaiser is making cakes so good he is going to take over the world. It’s up to the ragtag team of pilots, known as the Crashimals, to stop him. Take flight as one of five pilots each with their own unique style of attack. Solve physics based puzzles while destroying the Kaiser’s seriously delicious cakes.

Fly over and blow up building block style puzzles in an attempt to destroy all the cakes. You also have to avoid destroying the presents, that are sometimes precariously close to those world dominating cakes.

The initial challenge is to complete the puzzle by destroying all the cakes. You get extra points for each piece of the structure destroyed, and lose points for any presents lost. Do it all with the least number of bombs for the highest score.

Simple Flight Controls
4 Environments
5 Certified Pilots
1 Un-certified "Pilot"
72 Challenging Puzzles
High level of VR comfort

Please note this game ONLY works with motion/touch controllers.




Rogue Earth


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