Would you like to travel in time? And visit one of Europe's most beautiful cities, the Prague of 1930? And moreover, drive a historic car while there?

Welcome to the ŠKODA AUTO Heritage VR experience which will take you on a unique ride in time. First of all, the founders of the car brand Škoda (the VW concern), gentlemen Laurin and Klement, will give you a guided tour of the Old Town's most fascinating sights. Later you'll have the chance to sit behind the wheel of the fabulous car Škoda Laurin & Klement 110 and drive yourself to the Prague Castle, the seat of Czech kings and presidents.

You will feel the 30-horsepower engine roar from under the bonnet of a vehicle you will only unlikely drive in real life. And what's more, you will fully experience the long gone atmosphere of the city from the early 20th century.

Are you ready for a eight-minute ride of your life? Enjoy it!

This experience requires at least a GeForce GTX1060 graphics card or higher.

Please note, that on some Windows 10 computers, you will need to download a proper codec pack, for the second part of experience to run properly.

You can download a tested codec pack K-Lite on the link below.


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