The Last Sorcerer (PC)


You are The Last Sorcerer. Equipped with two awesomely dangerous weapons, exploding fireballs, and long-range fire arrows, you have to defend the Tree of Life from the waves of super scary monsters. You can teleport to special locations in your village to cover all attack areas.


Build for HTC Vive and Oculus, it's a standing game that will make you look around, and exercise your aim and muscle when shooting arrows and throwing the fireballs.

Why should I play this game?

1. We made sure the graphics is really good, you will love the immersion of the village and the details of the monsters.
2. There will be many differfent monsters, so you'll see a difference in every wave.
3. It's simple to understand with very dynamic gameplay.
4. The monsters will take different paths to attack the Tree of Life, so there is true 360 degrees gameplay
5. We plan to release more levels, waves, monsters, so this is just a beginning
6. Since you are standing, moving, and trowing the fireballs like a basketball when playing, you will burn calories (yes, we have tested it with our Fitbits ;)


rcadeVR, LLC.