Look To The Sky (Android)

Look To The Sky
Look To The Sky
Look to the Sky is an app concept to be developed with GVRF to consume a content provider (sky map) giving to users a view of the night sky.
So the user can look at the stars according to their location.

The app start with a fade in and after that the user can see an avatar looking to a green field.
At this moment the user can look around to get used to the scene.
A HUD appears with some options.

Selecting START the user “embodies” the avatar and walk slowly until reaches the tree.
Then a HUD appears asking them to
lay down (in the real world).
User can look up instead of lay down or configure to seated in the settings menu.

After laying down the camera moves showing the night sky full of stars.
Some HUD with latitude and longitude coordinates is displayed also, so the user can locate themself.
P.S. if the user look to their side it’ll be possible to see the grass and fireflies.
An ambient music is also playing to provide a very enjoyable experience.




Samsung SIDIA