Infinity Fall (PC)

Immerse yourself in the starship Aphelion's vast and unforgiving underbelly. You are Doctor Rupert Grouch, hounded by his own creation, DAVE. Survive time-based, combat and stealth trials, all in zero gravity. An experience uniquely suited to and built for VR.

Key Features:

- Battle or outwit an army of highly organized robots in a fully three-dimensional world. Enemies use squad-based tactics and patrol in formation. Four different enemy types, ranging from the lowly Quad-Drone to the fearsome Sentinel.

- Hone your zero gravity movement skills in challenging time trials.

- A beautiful and immersive soundtrack by trance artist Imphenzia.

- Low-nausea; generated about the same level of nausea as Google Earth VR in playtesters.

- A 3 hour campaign filled with varied challenges.

- Play at your skill level. Easy, medium, and hard difficulties.

- Currently Vive-only, Rift support coming when more than 1,000 copies are sold, update will also include a set of challenge maps.

Trailer Music: Beethoven's Coriolan Overture, performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Public Domain Mark 1.0







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