Altar Show (PC)

Altar Show is a VR app built from the ground up to augment your intelligence in productivity workflows. Show lets you create memory palaces, brainstorming, design, roadmapping, and presentations, among other things. Our application is designed around the science of humans’ powerful spatial memories to help you retain, understand, organize and communicate your ideas better!

How do we help you form spatial memories of abstract things? Our application envisions what it would be like to take a thought out of your head and hold it in your hand. To Think in 3D.

Brainstorming, creating, ideating, note-taking, learning, presenting, roadmapping…
Have you ever felt the rush of productivity when you pick up a marker and start writing on a whiteboard? That's because your brain is getting a taste of what it's like to start representing thoughts spatially. With our spatial thinking tools, you can make complex 3-dimensional representations of what's going on in your head; you can hold a thought in your hand. That means that next time you brainstorm, create, ideate, etc., not only will you have the thrill of building a physical thought, but you'll remember your thoughts better since the thoughts will be spatial memories, you make better decisions, you're more creative, and you're more productive.