Xtreme Boxing (Android)

Xtreme Boxing
Xtreme Boxing
*How to Play*
Use touchclick for button click, and for aggressive action use all four corners of Touchpad Swipe.
You can Increase skill by swiping from All eight directions with new GearVR 2017 release, or combine any two swipes in a single blow to your opponent.
Gaze at nearest teleport points in the floor to change your viewing perspective.
From Eyebrow to all facial features, Boxer pants, gloves, shoes, Even the Skin color can be changed for a suitable fusion of perfect opponent.
There is basically five different levels in the game but as you proceed from one to another every level become harder and this will provide you a total of 10 levels of different flavor.
When you got knocked out with a sudden blow you can always try to get up by tapping a button within a limited time period, The more and faster you Tap depends either you get flat knockout or Stand up and fight again.