NEUTRANS is a customizable VR shared-spaces solution with a focus on simple, intuitive controls and a codebase built with multiuser interactions in mind. This app acts to demonstrate the various capabilities of the system and allows up to 4 players to communicate with each other in up to 3 rooms.

# Features
* Grabbing, Enlarge/Shrink, Throwing
* Distance-grabbing Farther Objects
* Inventory System to Store and Retrieve Objects
* Teleport-based Locomotion and Rotation
* Voice Chat
* 3D Drawing, Whiteboards, Grabbing Drawn Objects
* Camera (Pictures are stored in the UserData\Snapshot directory)
* Built-in YouTube Player
* Built-in Image Viewer
* Enlarge/Shrink Avatars
* Customizable Environments and Wallpapers
* Virtual Desktop
* ...and more!

Try it out and explore the possibilities that VR spaces can enable: not just entertainment, but also things like remote collaborative work, marketing promotions, and everything in-between. If you have any ideas, questions, customization requests or other inquiries, please contact us through the Contact Object within NEUTRANS or any of the communication channels.

# Example Usecases
* Remote conferencing
* Virtual Storefronts
* Virtual Showrooms
* Foundation to build on to develop trade show demo content

# Disclaimer
We assume no liability for any damage or loss resulting from the use of this software.





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