Order:VR (PC)

Chaotic foot men since ancient times, gone with pacified, BOSS.
Along with the BOSS again is pulled down, countless foot men wander in the copy of the door, can copy was not reset.
After years of peace in the world gradually turned into a world of glitz, foot male opens the luxuries......
In ancient wilderness altar, you come here, is about to start killing you restore order to the world...
Game features
The 《Order: VR》 is FTDStudio development a first-person perspective of VR games, in the game, players can use the rod with a sword, challenge the rich variety of scenarios and monsters.
1、More than 20 kinds of monster combination
2、Challenging and fun of levels
3、Colorful scene the necromancer
4、Vast world, the game contains undead, humans, elves, three main

You are no longer in the traditional sense, the world needs a monster, the world needs a villain.
To kill those called hero's role in the human world, let the world to restore balance and recover what it was.

Weapon system
Current version provides two
Swords: can a melee attack, sweeping in front of the enemy staves: release the fireball, against enemy can destroy the very challenging difficulty level line Enemy is stronger and stronger, we will further inside the castle, to regain the glory, priority slew of will make your journey more smoothly.

The upcoming DLC new weapons, skill system, story mode, gameplay will greatly improve.
Backpack system is testing...

We will continue to follow-up the updated version, we wish you great heroes in the Order: VR better experience!


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