Miniature TD (PC)

Miniature TD
Miniature TD
Are you ready to play a realistic tower defense game?
Miniature TD provides unconventional experience for you.

Build towers to defend your base from cute monsters.
Use the Oculus Touch to grab a tower and place it on the floating map.

Don’t passively watch the towers – pick a weapon and join the battle yourself. Use a flamethrower to fire explosives at the monsters, or use a hand cannon to bombard the enemy wave. Use the magnifying glass to inspect the battleground.

There are two modes to play:

Classical mode: Reminiscent of a traditional tower defense game, the classic map has two entrances and one exit. You should defeat the surging enemies in dark dungeon. The map has several curved paths, so place your towers strategically!

Endless mode: See how long you can last against an endless wave of monsters. It’s important to eliminate monsters swiftly before their numbers build up. Succeed by taking advantage of both long range and short. range towers.


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