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Prototanks VR
Prototanks VR
ProtoTanks VR is based on ancient technology rediscovered in the Tigris and Euphrates river valleys, just a few short years from now. Through the ancient texts discovered, a primordial signal containing the answer to all of life’s conflicts, was discovered whirling around in our own Earth’s electromagnetic field. Once analyzed, this signal gave us our first true virtual arena in which to resolve conflicts without loss of life.

Since this discovery, civilization no longer settles their differences through human interaction. Set on a virtual battlefield, you prove your worthiness and innocence by piloting a virtual ProtoTank through the trials of Galla. Should you fail, your digital soul is whisked away to the underworld leaving your organic self a mere shell of your former being, destined to serve out your remaining years plugged in as a servant to the ancient digital gods.


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