Roller Coaster Apocalypse VR (PC)

Roller Coaster Apocalypse VR
Roller Coaster Apocalypse VR
Three roller coasters with a Interactive Roller Coaster

Three different experiences
-Apocalypse Destruction
At this ride you feel inside the apocalypse
The asteroids will destroy everything
Even the roller coaster you are in can be destroyed
Feel different Sensations

-Apocalypse Shoot the Asteroids
Interactive Roller Coaster ride at apocalypse environment
Here you can shoot and destroy the asteroids, with a powerful laser You can ride and make a new score at each new ride.

-Before Apocalypse
Here you can enjoy a slow ride with no loops at a sunny day.
At this experience there is no apocalypse

Roller Coaster at Immersive Apocalypse environment
You can ride and feel the Apocalypse environment






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