TurnSignal (PC)

TurnSignal is a small, Free, (Hopefully) minimally invasive VR utility to assist with preventing Headsets Cords from becoming twisted and tangled up.

It utilizes a simple graphic, dubbed 'The Flower', overlaid in-game on your play-space floor, that visually represents your turns by twisting with you!

Since everybody's different, the app includes some settings to help ensure it's not intrusive on anyone's play style!

A Button Toggle to enable/disable the tools in-game display
A Button to Reset the utilities Rotation Tracking
An Opacity / Transparency Setting
A Scale Setting
A Twist Rate Setting for manipulating the twist-i-ness levels
A Toggle for auto-starting and closing the utility with SteamVR
A Toggle to use Chaperone Color instead of white (real time too!)
A Toggle to Link Opacity and Twist'ed-ness together, so it becomes more visible the more twisted you are.
A Toggle to only display the Flower / Floor Overlay when the Dashboard is Open.
That's All!
Progress is ongoing, and bug / feature requests / feedback is always welcome!




Ben Otter