Welcome to Wacken (Android)

Welcome to Wacken
Welcome to Wacken
With Wacken Open Air drawing 85,000 metalheads from around the world every August, each chapter of Welcome to Wacken is told from the perspective of a fan. From the nervous first-timers in search of acceptance, to the festival veteran with a spiritual connection to the music, each profile focuses on a unique aspect of the festival known as the Mecca of Metal. The five episodes (and additional bonus materials) are housed within an interactive map of the festival, allowing viewers to explore Wacken much as they would in real life. This combination of cinematic storytelling and interactive exploration represents a new form of immersive documentary, tailored to the experience of Wacken Open Air.
Featuring an explosive performance by headliner Arch Enemy, Welcome to Wacken is the closest way to experience the festival, without having to pay for the airfare.


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