Cyberdrifter Demo (PC)

Cyberdrifter Demo
Cyberdrifter Demo
When an intelligent AI program becomes self-aware and decides to go rogue it’s up to the elite squad known as the Cyberdrifters to infiltrate the system and take back control.
Step into the role of military-trained computer specialist Jack Torrents and prepare to do battle with an army of corrupted bots in this intense futuristic sci-fi shooter.

Key features:
Run, shoot, strafe and dodge with a revolutionary motion-controlled movement system. Use the tilt functionality of your controller to move around in a method of free FPS-style control that’s comfortable for VR. (Snap turning is available for 2-sensor Oculus Touch users)
Get into a tricky situation? Activate SLO-MO and turn the tide of battle!
Compete with players across the globe on online hi-score leaderboards.




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Julio 26, 2017

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