Chambered (PC)

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Julio 19, 2017

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Chambered is a single-player, story-based VR shooting game with an emphasis on weapon progression.

You play as a new recruit on Kochova Station going through the first day of Virtual Arena Training when the ship is taken captive. You need to fight your way through the training arenas before it's too late. The whole station is counting on you. Can you escape The Chamber?

  • 13 guns to unlock and shoot
  • 2-3 hour campaign
  • Designed for trackpad locomotion (Move-In-Place also supported)
  • 13 replayable single player matches to fight through
  • 140+ weapon attachments and skins to earn
  • In-game tutorial system and gunrange

Please note: This game is single-player ONLY. Chambered pits you against AI so you never have to worry about empty lobbies.


SegFault Games


SegFault Games




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