ArchVis VR Template (PC)

ArchVis VR Template is a demo app that shows you how ArchVisVR project works in HTC VIVE and VR, This project powered by amazing Unreal Engine 4 to achieve realistic quality for making any ArchVis, Simulation or Design application and start making your project easily without any programming knowledge, with just some drag and drop action.

There're different types of options and menus that you can make them active for any objects in your app:

Materials : Easily change materials on object with 3d interactive menu.
Meshes: Easily switch between different meshes.
Decals: Apply and change different styles of decals on object and move them easily to fit your design.
Colors: Apply different color and switch between them for each object.
Lights: Turn on/off lights with an effect on light bulb.
Doors: Add different types of doors or windows into your project.
Teleport: Easily teleport between different locations from menu.
Tutorial/Comments: Easily add any tutorial or comments in your app for your users.
Screenshot: Capture screenshots from any view with in game 3d camera.

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