VR Sports Challenge Mobile (Android)

VR Sports Challenge Mobile
VR Sports Challenge Mobile
Choose between three skill games; Targetpalooza, Catchathon or the Three Point Contest. Compete by yourself or against your friends with pass and play. The Gear VR Controller puts the ball in your hands.

In Targetpalooza, hurl footballs with great speed and accuracy to eliminate all the targets before the timer expires. Three hits in a row make a special target appear. Hit the special target and earn a score-multiplying missile.

In Catchathon, grab an ever-increasing barrage of incoming footballs. Earn extra bonuses for nabbing the money ball or swatting away any incoming explosives.

In the Three Point Contest, make twenty-five shots from around the arc as quickly as possible. Take care with the tri-colored money balls, as that count double. Finish before the timer for a scoring bonus.




Sanzaru Games, Inc.




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